Terms Of Service

Welcome to my Terms of Service! If you wanna commission me for the first time, then you’re in the right place! Before submitting/filling out a commission form you must read these terms. If commissioning me or accepting art from me that means you’ve read and agreed to abide by these rules. This also means you are familiar with my art style, and know what you’re getting. If you’re unsure if I will draw something (ex. robots/mechanical beings) please ask in the commission form or if I email you!

When you’ve submitted a commission form please note that I will not always get back to everyone immediately after the form has been submitted.

LAST UPDATED: 12-24-2019

-Accepting Commissions
-Rejecting Commissions
-Do’s and Dont’s
-Payment and Refunds
-WIPS and Commission Progress
-Commission Completion


If I’ve accepted your commission, I will be contacting you via your recommended way of contact (Email or Username on the websites I’m using). Sometimes I will ask questions for follow up on the details you’ve given me. I will be expecting a proper reference or references, and clear information given to me to give me a visual or the idea you wish for me to draw to complete that idea. Sometimes you will be put on a waitlist If I do not have the current time to put your piece into my queue of works.


If I contact you and tell you your form does not meet the requirements, this means I’ve rejected/declined the commission. This means the information you have given me does not stick with my style, or I think I cannot capture the visuals of what the commissioner wants. Usually I will be looking for visually pleasing ideas, or ideas that fit with what I can work with to put into my Portfolio! So If I decline your commission request, please do not be discouraged or upset! I just want to make sure both artist and commissioner likes the finished piece. I have worked with many pieces where I’ve felt I couldn’t do any better or what I had completed just didn’t stick right with me, and so the piece felt unfinished or looks rushed.

DO’s and DONT’s

I have a very clear style that I wanna work around. I do environments that deal with any kind of nature. I draw both humans/anime and animals/creatures, feral or anthro, Pokemon, and My Little Pony. I love drawing forests, water based areas, flowers, fantasy like places, and little cottage houses. I draw SFW, suggestive, and sometimes NSFW work depending on the level of suggestiveness. Usually NSFW involves pinups.

I do not draw anything like robots, complex cities, or anything with metals like cars or other vehicles. There’s a lot more to add to this list but If you’re unsure, please look through my gallery for suggestions, or contact me and ask!


Payment is with PAYPAL ONLY. Payment is always upfront, ASAP, within 48 hours after I have sent you an invoice or have given you my Paypal Email to send the money to. If there’s a special reason as to why you cannot give payment when due, please contact me and we can figure something out within a time limit so you’re not removed from the payment queue!

To mostly dodge scams, and trolls, once you’ve paid for your commission, you will receive a sketch WIP to approve. Once the sketch is approved, I will move onto the next stages (lining, coloring, shading) to finish your piece. There will be NO REFUNDS after the sketch is accepted/approved to continue. This means you’re willing to look into making sure that the sketch looks like what you want the finished product to look like.


If you have questions, suggestions, or issues with the WIP, please let me know before approving so the finished piece is satisfying for you! I will send a WIP a maximum of 4 times, but If you’re still unsatisfied with the final WIP I send you, I will issue you a refund and will not continue the commission. This helps increase time in my day to use on other projects and prevents time wasted on one piece.

Sometimes you will receive a bonus WIP with color or note/email you asking questions. If I send a second WIP with already having the first one approved, I’m encouraging you to request changes that you may want so we can get you that final product you will love!! Sometimes I’ll need the commissioner’s opinion If I cannot figure something out myself.


After commission completion I will send you a link with the file attached to it and watermarked. The watermark is to not be removed under ANY circumstances. If you wish to print a poster of your commission, you may request a Full Resolution file for personal use. You may post or upload the commissioned piece you receive WITH CREDIT to me, the artist. With credit and the watermark in tact, you may use your commissioned piece however you wish.

I, as the artist, reserve full rights and ownership of the artwork. I reserve the right to re-post, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms. There is no guarantee that all pieces will be posted publicly, but generally after finishing a piece It will be posted publicly. Note that not all pieces will have a speed paint video.

When you get/purchase artwork from me, that means you are agreeing to these Terms of Service. Purchasing from me means you have read, and will abide by these rules.

These rules are made to maintain a sense of respect between my buyers and myself. If these rules are broken repeatedly, I will ban and/or blacklist you depending on the severity of the disrespect.

If there are any questions please refer to my Email! Thank you!

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