Terms Of Service

♦ Before submitting a commission form you must read and agree to these terms. By commissioning me or accepting paid art from me it means you’ve read and agreed to abide by these rules. This also means you are familiar with my art style, and know what you’re getting. If you have any questions about what I’ll draw, feel free to ask and DM me on twitter or discord.

-Accepting Commissions
-Do’s and Dont’s
-Payment, WIPs, and Refunds
-WIPS and Commission Progress
-Commission Completion
-Commercial Useage


♦ I will be contacting you via your recommended way of contact If you’ve been accepted for a commission. Sometimes I will ask questions for follow up on the details you’ve given me. I will be expecting a proper reference or references, and clear information given to me to give me a visual idea of what you’d like. If you have submitted a form and you have not been contacted after I’ve closed commissions, please try again the next time I open.

♦ If you have a deadline set on your form, please keep in mind that the deadline must be reasonable and comfortable for me in order for me to accept it.

♦ Unless specifically requested on the form to be kept discreet, commission work can and/or will be posted on social medias during the WIP phase or immediately after finish.

DO’s and DONT’s

♦ I have a very clear style that I wanna work around. I usually do natrual environments for backgrounds. I draw both humans/anime and animals/creatures, Pokemon, and My Little Pony. I love drawing forests, water based areas, flowers, or any fantasy like places. I draw SFW, suggestive, and sometimes NSFW work depending on the level of suggestiveness. I do NOT offer NSFW commissions and are solely posted on my Patreon if you’re interested.

♦ I do not draw anything like robots/mecha, exaggerated bodies or fetishes, complex cities, or anything with metals like cars or other vehicles. There’s a lot more to add to this list but If you’re unsure, please look through my gallery for suggestions.


♦ Payment is with PAYPAL ONLY. Payment is always upfront, within 48 hours after I have sent you an invoice. If you need to cancel before then, please let me know.

♦ After accepting your commission, you will receive a rough sketch WIP and can ask for changes any time I send you a WIP. Once the sketch is approved, I will move onto the next stages (lining, coloring, shading) to finish your piece. If you would like updates, I will gladly send you a WIP, please don’t hesitate to ask. There will be NO REFUNDS after the sketching phase.

♦ If I find that there are too many changes being requested before the sketch is even approved, I will fully refund you and will not continue any work. This helps increase time in my day to use on other projects and commissions, and prevents time wasted on one sketch. Please understand it’s not personal, but suggested you work with an artist that can better meet your visuals needs!


♦ After commission completion I will send you a full resolution version of the piece. You may post or upload the commissioned piece you receive WITH CREDIT to me, the artist. You may use your commissioned work for personal use only, unless negotiated otherwise. My work may not be taken credit for, traced, altered, monetized/merchandised, or otherwise redistributed (with exception to posting your commissioned work to social media) without my explicit consent. Emotes used on streaming sites such as Twitch are an exception to this. Please credit me wherever you can.


♦ If you’d like to sell your commission, a payment of (115%) times the price of the commission ordered will be needed in order to be used commercially.
This excludes 3D chibi models as the base pricing already adds the commercial fee.

♦ If you are using the artwork on different medias, please give credits to me, Renlay, wherever you can. (Panels, bio, description, etc.)

I, as the artist, reserve full rights and ownership of the artwork. I have the right to charge extra if your commission is complex to me. I reserve the right to re-post, use and sell created art in digital or physical forms unless stated otherwise. If I feel that communication has been difficult or troublesome, I will not hesitate to cancel the commission.

I do NOT allow for the minting, trading, or selling of my work as NFTs under any circumstances. If I catch you selling my work I will blacklist/ban you from future services.

When you purchase artwork from me, that means you are agreeing to these Terms of Service. Purchasing from me means you have read, and will abide by these rules. These rules are made to maintain a sense of respect between my buyers and myself. If these rules are broken repeatedly, I will blacklist you depending on the severity of the disrespect.

♦ If there are any questions please refer to my Email! Thank you!