Renlay Renee

Renlay Renee

Species: Elf-Seafolk (Half Mermaid) / Celestial
Age: 25 in human years
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6” / 167cm
Occupation: Witch Princess

Likes: Water, Swimming, Magic, Astrology, Clouds, most Seafoods and Sweet Pastries, and just food in general, Drawing, Sleeping, and Gaming
Dislikes: Bugs, Blood, Fire, Horror games, and Barnacles

Strengths: Swimming, Water and Ice Magic, and Communicating with different creatures.
Weakness: Easily distracted, Absent-minded, Sensitive

Backstory: Renlay is a Princess at the Eversea Kingdom, an underwater domain in the Eversea of Stars. Before finding the Eversea, she lived in a small forest village where elves made their home. As a child she washed up to an abandoned hidden library next to a cove where Asari, was assigned to Renlay as her new familiar by the forest’s spirit guardian. She then began her studies as a mage efficient in water magic, unaware of her origin of birth. As she grew, she became more curious of her abilities to communicate with sea creatures, and the appearance of her bright blue and white fish tail when emerged in bodies of water.

Eventually, Renlay discovers her true self just in time to help save her realm from the demonic entities that had overthrown her parents all those years ago. Instead of becoming princess, and taking her seat next to the throne, she decided to spend her relaxing days back in her elven home.