Renlay Renee

Renlay Alexandria Renee

Age: 124
Gender: Female
Species: Mermaid/Elf
Height: 5’6” / 167cm
Occupation: Local Water Witch and Mermaid Princess
Personality: Enthusiastic, Energetic, Kind, Considerate, Ambivert, and Airheaded

Likes: Water, Swimming, Magic, Astrology, Clouds, most Seafoods and Sweet Pastries, and just food in general, Drawing, Sleeping, and Gaming
Dislikes: Bugs, Blood, Violence, Fire, and Horror

Strengths: Swimming, Water and Ice Magic, and Communicating with different creatures.
Weakness: Easily distracted, Absent-minded, Sensitive

Biography: Renlay is a Princess at the Eversea Kingdom, an underwater domain in the Eversea of Stars. Before finding the Eversea, she lived in a small forest village where elves made their home. As a baby she washed up to an abandoned hidden library next to a lake where Asauri, her familiar, began taking care of her. She then began her studies as a mage efficient in water magic while unaware she had already inherited the power to use it. She soon found she wasn’t just an elf, but also a mermaid one day while blasting herself into the lake during magic practice.

After being found by one of the royalties at the Eversea Kingdom, she was brought back to rule as Princess, and soon, queen–and protect the kingdom….something she thought would be fun.

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