Lehlani Kahale

Lehlani Kahale

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Cat Kemonomimi
Height: 5’2” / 157cm
Occupation: Fisherman.
Personality: Playful tease, Sometimes hostile, Pure-Hearted, and Grumpy

Likes: Seafood, Coconuts, Chocolate, Swimming, Sleeping, Hunting, and Sailing.
Dislikes: Cold Temperatures, Sushi, Volcanoes, Thunderstorms, Heights, and Sharks

Strengths: Hunting, Caring for children, and Sailing.
Weakness: Gets bored often. When feeling playful, she tends to get distracted easily from her duty. She also hates the cold weather due to freezing water temperatures.

Biography: She’s a cat girl that lives as a fisherman to her village on a large island called Halumoa. (WIP)

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