Age: 3026
Gender: Female
Species: Celestial Kitsune Deity
Height: 6’2” / 187cm
Occupation: Shrine Priestess
Personality: Mysterious, Cold, Emotionless, Cynical, and Blunt

Likes: Night sky, Mangoes, Ice cream, and Fighting Demons and other vicious creatures
Dislikes: Failing at her job

Strengths: Celestial Magic and Healing Magic
Weakness: Unknowledgeable in modern understanding and tries to use magic to solve everything

Biography: Inari is a Deity of the Moon sent by the higher Celestial beings to look after Earth. She also protects a village that Demons usually run by to attack from time to time. At night she raises the moon and at dawn she lowers it. At times, as a favor to Renlay, she will use this power to shine the moon upon the Eversea of Stars to clear the sky and reveal Starlinium hidden in it’s waters.

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