NOTE: I do NOT take Live2D Model or 3D Model Commissions.

Simple Sketch

Half Body: $50
Full Body: $85

\\Note: Sketch illustrations are quick, have messy lines, and are lightly detailed with a simple white background. No additional characters may be added.

Character Illustration

Half Body: $135
Full Body: $285
Additional Character: $150

\\Note: Character illustrations have cleaner lines, simple lighting, and come with a simple colored or basic background. They may also come with a transparent version!

Fully Rendered Illustration

Full Body: $515
Additional Character: $225

\\Note: Fully rendered illustrations come with a more detailed background, become more complex overall in detail and composition, and have detailed lighting rather than simple lighting. Requests for different variations of the same illustration will cost extra.


Fullbody: $90
Additional Character: $75

\\Note: Chibi Illustrations only come with a white background and also transparent background version.

Additional Information

\\ All prices are in USD!!
\\ Commission price may increase based on complexity
\\ Only up to 2 additional characters an illustration
\\ PSD files can be requested for animation purposes.
\\ I am least likely to work with description/text based references, but If your commission is accepted, please note that you will be charged extra.